Join me August 23rd-25th in Anaheim, CA for the 2017 Podcast Movement conference. Literally *everyone* will be there from the podcasting world. I'll be presenting Wednesday, August 23rd:

There are thousands and thousands of podcasts in iTunes - how are you ever going to gain an audience? Marketing helps of course but just what are you marketing? If people come to your podcast, what will make them stay? Strong, consistent content, that's what. I'll help you build your podcast to have the best chance of getting and keeping an audience. 

From how to open your show to reel listeners in, to millennia old storytelling techniques, to evolving your show to be better without losing its soul, this session will allow you to build (or rebuild) the solid base on which your audience will grow. 

I have over twenty years of public service in television, radio and digital content at Wisconsin Public Television and Radio, Lehigh Valley PBS, WTTW Chicago, WBEZ Chicago, WESA Pittsburgh and now am the General Manager of an NPR member station - 91.5 KRCC - in Colorado Springs, C0. 

I specialize in broadcast operations, media programming, website best practices, content direction & distribution including podcasts - on-air pledge drives, social media best practices; and managing and developing operations staff, content creators, reporters, producers and budgets. My LinkedIn profile is here.

Check out my Podcast Mentoring Program and Station Consulting Services.

I also make tough calls and do neat things.

From Colorado Springs Independent - June 29, 2016

From Colorado Springs Independent - June 29, 2016