I'm a curious person who isn't afraid of (smart) risk. I backpacked through Europe and got deported from the UK for working without a permit. I developed, owned, operated and successfully sold Chicago's first brick-and-mortar handmade items craft boutique, Mint. I did that for fun while working at WBEZ. I'm comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

I have 1/3 of my Masters in Geography with an emphasis on communications around natural and human-made disasters. I did that after selling my business. I'm just fascinated by it. I spent a recent birthday at a three-day Natural Hazards Center conference in Boulder, CO.

I'm an avid hiker/explorer/traveler and now get to live and do amazing things where there are mountains and lots of outdoor space. 

Boards & Other

Current Board Member

Colorado Broadcasters Association - Board Member
Formed in 1949 as a non-profit trade organization, the Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) has a long history of service to broadcasters and citizens of the state. Representing broadcasters, both public and private, the association interacts with state and national officials and trade groups to further the business of broadcasting. Its mission, beginning in those early days in 1949, was to “build a stronger broadcast industry.” It remains so today.

Western States Public Radio - Vice President
Western States Public Radio, (WSPR) represents member stations from Oklahoma to Alaska by planning and executing an annual conference for managers each year and by having its President attend all NPR Board meetings to offer advice and counsel about station interests. WSPR is one of four regions in the country: Eastern Public Radio, Public Radio in Mid-America and California Public Radio. Together, the 4 regionals represent about 250 public radio stations.

Rocky Mountain Community Radio - Board Member
Rocky Mountain Community Radio (RMCR), is a 16-member coalition of community and public radio stations in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico that share content, development opportunities and access to professional training. 

Past Boards

Street Level Youth Media
I was a board member of Street Level Youth Media for two years. Street-Level Youth Media educates Chicago's urban youth in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication, and social change.

Chicago Craft Mafia
I served on the board/as a member of the Chicago Craft Mafia for several years. The Chicago Craft Mafia put on small business workshops and craft show events including the annual DIY Trunk Show (no longer happening) which had over 2500 attendees each year.

The Chicago Craft Mafia is a collaborative and non-competitive organization of independent crafting business owners that work together to both foster our own individual entrepreneurship and support the greater crafting community.

Volunteer Judge

Chicago Metro History Education Center - History Fair
As a judge, I evaluated historical research projects—documentaries, performances, exhibits, websites, or research papers on topics related to Chicago history produced by local students in grades 6-8 or 9-12.

I volunteered at an 1880s farm:

What's a fun way to spend a weekend in Chicago to me? Driving an hour to a working 1880s German farm, donning petticoats and a full dress to chop wood in August, feed chickens, help bake a dinner for all the farmworkers with a wood-fired oven and occasionally pet the cows.

The Volkening Heritage Farm at Spring Valley in Schaumburg, IL was part of the rural German farm community in the 1880s and continues as an actual working farm today. I helped with seasonal farm chores, authentic cooking, family activities and explaining why life on the farm wasn't as loving as family life is today: as a child, if your family had too many boys or too many girls you would be "swapped" with a needed sex from another family the next farm over. No trophies for everyone back then.