Podcast Mentoring Program


So You Want to Do a Podcast...

You have a great idea but just aren't sure where to start or maybe you've bought all the gear and learned you can't quite get things sounding good.

Joining my Podcast Mentoring Program will get you on track improving your content which equals listeners which equals success.

I've presented at Podcast Movement 2015, 2016 and 2017 and have over 20 years of experience in public media, the "Podfathers" of podcasting.

For a set flat fee each month, you'll get an hour each month one-on-one with me plus an email a week. You can split your hour into two half-hour sessions - I can match your pacing and schedule. I'll email you each week to make sure you are understanding the concepts and help keep you moving.

In the first month I'll do an assessment of your existing podcast or help you get your focus on your idea and refine or put the content steps into place with you.

That also means you should contact me today to be sure to secure your place for current help or to get on my waiting list.


What you get:

  •  1 hour of 1-on-1 time, via Facetime or Skype or phone in a one-hour session or split into two sessions. 

  • 1 weekly email check in

What I support you in:

  • Podcast creation and idea development

  • Program planning, theme, content structure and episode archs

  • What a Producer should do and how the time off-mic critical

  • Promotion and marketing your show - who to connect with

  • Tips and leads on technical aspects and gear

This is indeed the Golden Age of Audio, take advantage of podcasting's exposure and growth with your idea now and let me help you make it happen!