Media Presentations

Presenter: Five Key Things Every Content Castle Needs
Podcast Movement

Anaheim, CA   August 2017

There are thousands and thousands of podcasts in iTunes - how are you ever going to gain an audience? Marketing helps of course but just what are you marketing? If people come to your podcast, what will make them stay? Strong, consistent content, that's what. I'll help you build your podcast to have the best chance of getting and keeping an audience. 

From how to open your show to reel listeners in, to millennia old storytelling techniques, to evolving your show to be better without losing its soul, this session will allow you to build (or rebuild) the solid base on which your audience will grow. 

You will come away with actionable items you can put into practice immediately such as developing a mission statement, learning to segment your show, how many people to have on to ensure listeners don't tune out and what those people should be doing, how to entice people to come back for the next episode and how to determine if you have the wrong topic. Content IS king; I'll help you refine your reign.

Panelist: Small Station Success Stories: Best Practices from Top Performers
NPR Super Regional Conference

Pittsburgh, PA     October 2016

Do you ever wonder why some small stations thrive and other just survive? Is it just great demographics for public radio or is there something more? We invite you to find out, as we focus on some of public radio’s best small station managers. What is in their “secret sauce” that makes these stations outperform all others? Join us for this entertaining session and find out why.

Panelist: Steal These Ideas: Building Audience on Digital
PRPD Content Conference

Phoenix, AZ     September 2016

In this session, we’ll hear from stations that are having above-average success and figure out what they are doing right. You’ll see examples from stations that lead in overall growth, audience engagement, and on-demand usage based on a blind data sort by NPR Digital Services. One of the key threads that runs through each example is the importance of good content management and strategic focus.

Presenter: Programming Strategies for Your New or Stuck Podcast
Podcast Movement

Chicago, IL    July 2016

You need to have a plan to successfully develop and plan your content. From 'just three guys sitting around talking film' to narratives, interviews, journalism and storytelling, your podcast needs structure to build consistency to build audience. I laid out the way to a destination of strong production and gave the crowd of attendees tools to get started.

Presenter: How to Produce Content that People Will Actually Listen To   
Panelist: Broadcast vs. Podcast
Podcast Movement

Fort Worth, TX     August 2015

The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can do it. The problem with podcasting is that anyone can do it. There are a LOT of podcasts out there. How do you produce content that stands out and gains fans? What program elements make for strong programming? How should you structure your podcast to keep your listeners listening?

Radio content has been incredibly successful as re-purposed content in the form of podcasts. How has the radio industry adapted because of the increased popularity of podcast? What can radio hosts do to optimize their show for on-demand mediums? How are some companies actually re-purposing their content in the other direction, turning podcasts into terrestrial radio shows?


smashingcars creations
September 2003 to current

smashingcars creations is a business outlet for my love of crafting (and running businesses).  I’ve participated in and helped organize many juried craft fairs over the years and mostly glitter and glue gun on the weekends now outside of my printable business on Etsy.

Old Signs are Neat
2007 to 2010ish

I became obsessed with old business signs and have over 150 photos of vintage and cool signs from the Midwest and Colorado. For a spell I submitted them to the website Roadside Peek, dedicated to preserving the Golden Age of outdoor advertising.

The Freesound Project
November 2006 to 2008

I don't get out to record things as much as I'd like to these days now that I am a General Manager, but previously I did a smattering of sound recordings around Chicago. There have been nearly 11,000 downloads of my files on The Freesound Project. Here's two:

Sonic IDs - WBEZ

I produced and directed the production of freelancers & volunteers, of over 125 Soundmarks (Sonic IDs - short sense of place audio postcards) for WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio).  Here's a sampling of a couple I did:

Mint Boutique, LLC                                      
November 2004 to July 2006 (sold business)

While working full-time at WBEZ, I designed, founded and independently managed Chicago’s first all-local, all-handmade items boutique, Mint.

I was responsible for all design, strategy, management and operations of this brick-and-mortar store including artist selection and contracting, all finances including budgeting, loans and accounting, customer service, store set-up and display, website creation and management, brand establishment, marketing and promotions, employee hiring and management, public relations and event planning.

I received local and national media attention for this concept and execution in outlets such as The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, ABC-7 Chicago, Lucky Magazine, Daily Candy and more.

I successfully marketed and sold Mint Boutique, LLC in July 2006 walking away with not a penny of loss from the venture.