I Can Help You

Consulting Services:

  • Operations & Traffic

  • Programming & Interstitials

  • Website Best Practices

  • Local Show Creation & Production/Management

  • Working With Your University Licensee

  • Developing & Managing Budgets

  • Podcast Production

  • On-Air Pledge Drives

Running a strong public media station is tough work; it should be, but you aren't in this alone. I have experience working at small, medium and large market stations and can help you plan, strategize and create, and keep the sparks flying as things improve.

I've been through format changes and mergers, studio builds and station moves, starting up and reformulating public radio stations as well as gleaming the mechanics of a major market station to apply the efficiencies to smaller stations.

Don't struggle needlessly - reach out for smart, qualified, affordable help and get your operation on track or improve on what you have going - you owe that to your listeners. I offer phone consultations, Skype consultations, email consulting and on-site visits. 

Contact me to set up a free consultation to see how we might work together. I look forward to hearing from you!

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